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Persuasive Advertising reviewed in Interfaces

Denise M Rousseau, an expert on evidence-based management, reviewed Scott Armstrong's Persuasive Advertising.

Book Review: Persuasive Adverting, reviewed by Denise M. Rousseau, Interfaces 42, No 1, 2011, 93-94

Review by Denise M. Rousseau, an expert on evidence-based management.
Armstrong, J. Scott. 2010. Persuasive Adver- tising: Evidence-Based Principles. Palgrave-Macmillan, New York. 386 pp. $57.37.

Persuasive Advertising is a handbook on effective advertising. It is the practical product of J. Scott Armstrong’s uniquely comprehensive investigation of both scientific and corporate advertising research. This book targets all those who create advertise- ments and their constituents, from clients looking to evaluate the competence of advertising firms to the general public whose beliefs and choices ads influ- ence. In short, it is a book for anyone who wants to understand advertising’s quality and impact. In another era, it might have been titled The Compleat Advertiser. In ours, it meets the highest standard to which contemporary knowledge claims are held: its evidence-based conclusions (Armstrong refers to them as “principles”) are based upon systematic reviews of the deep evidence base on advertising. This body of evidence includes its sister disciplines, marketing and psychology, particularly the research on persuasion and social influence. [More]

A review of: Persuasive Advertising: Evidence-based Principles, J. Scott Armstrong (Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Philip Gendall

Persuasive Advertising is the result of 16 years of reading and research by Scott Armstrong and his collaborators, Gerry Lukeman and Sandep Patnaik. Their aim was to evaluate what is known about persuasion in advertising and then translate their findings into evidence-based principles that would guide development of more effective advertisements. The result is a comprehensive summary of more than 3,000 empirical studies and 50 books that is well- written and thoughtfully presented. [More]

Persuasive Advertising is only the end of the beginning: A rejoinder to the review. J. Scott Armstrong

Professor Gendall and I agree about Persuasive Advertising (Armstrong 2010) on some points and differ on others. I appreciate his kind comments about the book, but in this reply I will focus on our differences. I follow the sequence of topics in his review. The italicized sub-headings represent my viewpoints.

Advertising is an investment. I am steadfast that the purpose of advertising is to persuade people to act-- to buy, sell, vote, provide help, save souls, and so on. In other words, it should produce some gain or return on the investment. The gains are not only for stockholders but also for all stakeholders, such as customers, employees, and retailers. [More]

Review by Peter Mouncey in the International Journal of Market Research

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