Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

Finalist for AMA’s 2011 Best Book in Marketing

A complete description of the principles has
been published in Persuasive Advertising

German Edition available

Chinese Version available

Objectives, also known as AdPrin, provides all useful knowledge about persuasion through advertising. The knowledge is summarized in principles. These condition-action statements specify how to advertise in each type of situation. Ads that follow the principles are expected to be more persuasive.

The evidence is drawn from typical practice, expert opinion, and empirical studies. A full description of the evidence is presented in Persuasive Advertising .

The principles can be used to:

  • aid creativity in developing advertising campaigns

  • evaluate ads to determine which ad is most effective

  • show what actions can be taken to improve the ads

The AdPrin web site is provided as a public service for:

  • Advertisers

  • Advertising agencies

  • Students

  • Researchers


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