Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

Tools and techniques exam

Tools and Techniques Exam

Explain how you were able to apply five techniques to your advertising project and explain it in such a way as to impress someone who has not previously heard of these techniques. This refers only to the items on the Tools and Techniques Mastery ChartPrinciples are not included. When used in classes, note that this is a take-home exam: and you must only describe tools and techniques that you did individually, and you should not collaborate with others in this class. 

The grader would rate each technique using a 0 (very low) to 10 (very high) for:

1. importance of the technique ____

2. demonstrated usefulness in this application_____

3. technique is new to them ______

4. believable evidence that you mastered the technique ____

5. degree of difficulty _______

6. inclusion of operational details (avoid jargon in your explanations)

7. clarity of your explanation _______

The grade would be expressed as a percentage of the total points possible (70).

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