Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

Open-ended exam

One way to prepare for the self-administered exams is to first study the Persuasive Advertising book, or a portion of the book. Then find a learning partner. Each of you would then complete the test. This testing can be done by section, as the questions follow the organization in the book. Your partner would then grade your exam and provide feedback to you to determine what percentage of the material you have mastered. This allows you to see if you understand the material well enough to explain it to another person.

An alternative approach is to take the exam prior to reading Persuasive Advertising. Then grade your exam and then read the book. This approach is frustrating, but it motivates people to relieve the frustration by studying the basis for the answers.

Still another approach is to read the questions and then try to memorize the answers. This is the low-frustration approach. On the negative side, this type of learning may not stick with you very long.

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