Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

Evaluating Agencies and Proposals


Select Agency

Lecture: How to select an advertising agency

Group Process for Evaluation

The evaluation of ad agencies and proposals rests heavily of judgments. Fortunately, much is known about how to improve judgments. More

 Structured Guide for Evaluating Proposals 

How to select an Advertising Agency This paper describes the criteria for rating proposals.

Rating Advertising Proposals Apply your ratings for a given proposal.

An Application of the Structured Guide

For an in-depth analysis of how six advertising agencies competed for the Subaru of America account in the early 1990s, read Rothenberg’s article “Seducing these Men”. His project led to the delightful and informative book, Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story. In contrast to the structured procedures recommended above, the bidding process is sometimes unstructured, devoid of evidence, and lacking respect for the client and customer – but it is exciting! By reviewing this book and in doing so, I illustrated the structured rating process in the preceding section.

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