Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

Adprin Audit: Revised Version

We have added a new version of the AdPrinAudit,TM designated with as “R” for revised. It is in Beta Format currently. None of the changes will affect Armstrong’s Index. The advantages of the Revised version are:

a) there are three spreadsheets that are tailored to the task.

1) a single rater rates two ads to pick the best.

2) A single rater of a pair of ads can pick the best, assess intra-rate reliability, and combine the ratings to improve the assessment.

3) To have up to five raters rate two ads. This is the preferred approach to decide which ad will be more effective, to assess inter-rater reliability, and to best determine how each ad can be improved.

b) The audit asks questions about each principle. This helps to simplify the task of the rater. In addition, changes were made in some descriptions of the principles to improve clarity.

c) The spreadsheets can help in writing reports as you can easily obtain Index Scores for each ad. In addition, you can print out reports on relevant principles that could be considered for the ad and on the principles that have been violated.

You can continue to use the old version if you like. {sendtofriend}


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