Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

AdPrin Audit has been updated

  1. Many principles now contain links to good and poor applications.
  2. Clarifications were made in the instructions to raters
  3. Clarifications were made in some of the descriptions of the principles
  4. A column has been added to denote important principles.
  5. The “Five Raters Rating Two Ads Once", now assists in the combining procedure.
  6. More space has been provided for comments by raters.
  7. The key conditions are summarized on the rating pages.
  8. Report writer appendices introduced: To get the summaries, just click on the “Create Summary for Executive Report” button at the top right hand of the AdPrin Audit spreadsheet. These summaries tell which principles were well applied, which were applied but need improvement, which were violated, and which were relevant but not used. The key findings should be discussed in the report, while the four spreadsheets can be included in an appendix. Currently, the report is available only on the "Single rater rating two ads once." The program that provides these reports was contributed by Arry Tanusondjaja from the University of South Austrialia in Adelaide.


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