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Weighted Persuasion Principles Audit available in major upgrade

Thanks to a six-week effort by Rui Du, the Persuasion Principles Audit now allows for weighted scores. The weights, applied to each principle, are based on three sources: 1) the coder’s judgment that a principle is especially important in the situation, 2) the amount and quality of prior research, and 3) the effect size based on prior research along with some judgment.  So in addition to the previous index, now called the API for AdPrin Index, the Weighted API (WAPI) is provided.

In addition:

• Improvements were made in the Self-Training Module to add clarity and reduce training time (previously around 90 minutes.)

A simple measure of inter-rater reliability is automatically calculated.

• Clarifications have been made in the instructions, Glossary Link layout, readability and explanations for all of the spreadsheets.

• Broken links were fixed (in particular, for the Executive Report Writer).

• Examples were added to the principles on the rating sheets.


We believe that these changes will improve the accuracy of the ratings and reduce rating time, which currently averages 25 minutes per ad for people with limited experience.

The system has been simplified by going from 6 rating sheets to 4. These include a rater’s sheet and an administrator’s sheet each for still ads and motion ads.

If you have suggestions on the Persuasion Principles Audit, please send them to Rui Du (Jessie).

Those who prefer to use the previous spreadsheets can access them by clicking here. They will eventually be phased out.

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