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Advice to 2014 Super Bowl Advertisers

As I watched the Super Bowl last week, I imagined what the great advertisers would have said. I think they would have offered the following advice:

1.  Do not try to be creative.

2.  Focus on the writing. With respect to writing, I have added a new section on the “Creating Ads” page, called Advice to Writers.

Finally, I add my own advice:
3.  Use the persuasion principles.

Defenders of Super Bowl ads say they want to gain attention—attention was especially popular the 1800s when little was known about how to persuade. Others say they need to be different. If they really want to be different, the advertisers should use the above advice. Although I have not tested them, I believe that the TD Bank commercials—one their commercials was shown during the 2013 Super Bowl—do follow many persuasion principles.


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