Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

“AdPrin Audit” becomes “Persuasion Principles Audit”

We now use the term Persuasion Principles Audit because it is more descriptive. The term AdPrin Audit implied that it covered all areas of advertising, which is not so (e.g., it does not cover media allocation). Also, some people argue that advertising has objectives that go beyond persuasion. The Persuasion Principles Audit applies not only to all types of advertising, but to most types of persuasion such as mass communication, resumes, interpersonal communication, speeches, and oral and written management reports. Consistent with this change, the AdvertisingPrinciples Index (API) has been replaced by the term PersuasionPrinciplesIndex (PPI©). The Persuasion Principles Audit is mid-way down the right-hand menu.

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