Advertising Principles - Evidence-based principles

“Persuasive Reports Checklist” available on

            Two evidence-based checklists for preparing persuasive reports have been posted on They can be used by managers, educators, students, researchers, editors, preachers, or politicians. The evidence-based checklists provide 42 guidelines for written reports, and 47 for oral reports. Some of which might be surprising to you. The checklists can be applied in less than an hour, and much less time after your first use.


            Checklists improve decision-making. Even when you are facing a problem that you know the proper guideline, you might fail to properly implement a guideline if you do not use a checklist. Evidence-based checklists are especially valuable as they can include the latest findings. If you aren’t familiar with a guideline, a single click will explain what to do and provide evidence.

            Each checklist will automatically calculate an overall Persuasive Report Index (PRI). This signifies how well you followed the guidelines from 0 to 100%. A link to the guidelines is on the top menu bar of Click here.

            We invite suggestions on ways to improve the guidelines or the software. In addition, please let us know about relevant research that we might have overlooked.

J. Scott Armstrong, January 27, 2016

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